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~God Bless

It is Election Day 2020.  Every single vote matters, the future of our beautiful state depends on it.  Please, get out to vote, we have the opportunity to turn our state around.
Since 1930 New Mexico has been a democratic majority. Why would anyone want to continue voting for the status quo, the seasoned, polished, career politicians who dance around the issues, refuse to answer questions, and keep voting in the same manner that moves our state in the wrong direction.  Then they boast about the amount of money they have thrown at the issues as if that fixes everything. We need reform and smaller government to work and contribute in the decision making for what is best for the future of New Mexico.

It's time New Mexico gets a FAIR DEAL

New Mexico is a leader in the nation for abortions, for suicides, school drop out rates, in violent crime and near the bottom of the list in health, education and economic security.  The fact is that for the past 90 years the policy has failed the state, the current system is failing our state. 

I believe in servant leadership.  As a current successful and transparent servant leader who works for the goodwill and prosperity of our children, I already know what is important to our communities and how to work for the better of the people. I will work to preserve our culture, protect our resources and prosper New Mexico.  We need to open New Mexico back up safely, protecting the elderly and the vulnerable and get our children back to school and our economy back to work.  

I have family, contributors, students (past and present), parents, organizations and current incumbents who support and believe in me.  Now I ask for your vote, and I would like to thank you for your support, encouragement and prayers.

God Bless


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